Create a fully automated betting portfolio in one simple tool

Lifetime Free Trial

Pricing starts at only £25 per month

BetHawk is the latest fully automated betting bot for use with UK horse racing on the Betfair Betting Exchange from AceBots Software.

This revolutionary new betting software sets a new standard in horse racing profitability, fully automated, running 24/7 without any user interaction.

BetHawk consists of a number of 'micro' systems, each system with its own staking. You select which systems you want to follow, the amount to stake on each system, and off you go! You have just created your very own fully automated betting portfolio in one go.

For a video explanation of how BetHawk works go to the AceBots You Tube Channel which shows just how easy it is.

If you have any questions or require any sort of information about any aspect of BetHawk please contact us here

We have now added Dynamic Managed Portfolios where we create and manage portfolios for you at no extra cost making it even easier. More information here

Bethawk Betting Module

The Bethawk betting module is used to place the bets on the Betfair Betting Exchange generated by the systems you have chosen.

Bethawk Betting Module Main

Bethawk System Viewer

This part of Bethawk is where you select the systems for the betting module to follow. You can select as many of the systems as you like and see instantly the total figures for the combined results. You can save any number of combinations of systems to follow before deciding on your actual betting portfolio.

Bethawk System Viewer Main


BetHawk Pricing

We have developed a unique pricing structure for BetHawk which caters for all sized betting banks, from the punter that likes to start small with 25 - 50p bets, to the high stakes professional gambler.

Bethawk will allow you to start small, and as your bank and confidence grow, you can increase your subscription to allow you to run more systems with increased staking.

Pricing starts at only £25 per month

Lifetime Free Trial

You may download and install BetHawk for free. The software allows you to set up your own portfolio of systems and follow how they perform. After the last race of the day, the BetHawk System Viewer will update with all of the results, and you can view how your portfolio (or portfolios) would have performed.

There is no time limit on this functionality!

Once you are confident in the systems, subscribe to the betting module which will automatically place any qualifying bets for your portfolio into your Betfair account!

No Bull**** Results Reporting

All our results are reported using 1 point level stakes per bet.

We don't hide poor returns by showing results when placing £100 bets.

We don't hide bad systems by using staking plans that will fail at some point!




*Ace Bots software cannot be held responsible for any future loss incured while using Ace Bots software. Please read the disclaimer section for details

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